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8 reasons to choose IQOS, perfect to improve your life

By September 22, 2021IQOS Updates

As a smoker for many years, have you been troubled by smoking cigarettes? Unpleasant smell, yellowing of teeth, too much harmful substances, second-hand smoke by people around you, etc., will all become your troubles! Have you noticed that your familiar friends have replaced an electronic cigarette device in recent years? This device invention replaces cigarettes, but it also uses tobacco. It is called IOQS. It is a heat-not-burn device. It is designed to save smokers, get rid of harmful substances, and get rid of the troubles that cigarettes bring to you in life. !

About choosing IQOS 8 reasons to improve your life perfectly

how to use? The device itself does not do anything. You need to insert a special cartridge called them. The IQOS electronic cigarette uses a cartridge to heat the tobacco, but it will not ignite. Heating to 300-350 degrees is sufficient to evaporate nicotine and vapor from the tobacco. But it did not reach ignition. Therefore, IQOS does not produce harmful combustion products, such as carcinogenic resins that can cause various smoker diseases.

The biggest advantage is that it will not burn or have ashes. Therefore, the process of using IQOS is more hygienic than smoking. Fingers and hair do not smell of smoke, there is no tobacco residue on teeth, and soot will not fall on objects around.

Of course, after reading these, you have considered changing your habits or throwing this idea to relatives who smoke. If not, please read 8 facts about IQOS. Your thoughts on IQOS devices will no longer be the same.

About 8 reasons to choose IQOS to improve your life perfectly

1. 15 million smokers worldwide switch to IQOS

Among them, from Japan to Portugal, IQOS has been popular in 38 countries/regions.

2. Well-known celebrities are also using IQOS devices

Many “star” smokers have switched to IQOS. Wang Baoqiang, Wang Sicong, Feng Xiaogang and so on. I especially like this gadget. After refusing cigarettes, the cough will disappear quickly and the lungs will get better.

3. Heat the tobacco without burning

Thanks to the HeatControl technology, IQOS tobacco will not burn, but it can be heated to 350⁰C. This is enough to “get” the taste and nicotine, but does not produce harmful combustion products. Such as carcinogenic resin, ammonia, carbon monoxide.

About choosing IQOS 8 reasons to improve your life perfectly

4. 90-95% reduction of harmful substances

About choosing IQOS 8 reasons to improve your life perfectly

Because there is no burning, compared with conventional cigarettes, the harmful substances released during the heating process of IQOS are reduced by 90-95%.

Although the cigarette stick has a filter, it only serves a symbolic role. If there are no combustion products, and no small particles of burning paper and tobacco, then there is no need to use a filter. Iqos filters are made from sugar cane and corn starch biopolymers. Its task is to absorb the excess water in the aerosol and reduce it to a comfortable temperature.

5. No ash and smoke

Since tobacco does not burn, there is no smoke or ashes. (IQOS) Aerosol has a slight odor and dissipates quickly. The smell will not remain on hair, hands, clothes and furniture.

About choosing IQOS 8 reasons to improve your life perfectly

6. Second-hand smoke is prohibited

IQOS will not affect air quality. Therefore, it can be used indoors. At home, in the office, in the car or in public places.

7. 80% of people who have tried IQOS stay with it

According to statistics, of the 100 smokers who tried to use IQOS, 84 switched to IQOS and completely rejected cigarettes. This shows that the device is a complete replacement for cigarettes, not a supplement like Vapes.

About choosing IQOS 8 reasons to improve your life perfectly

8. Cigarette-like taste

IQOS is designed in such a way that the taste, feel and use process of the smoker are as similar as possible to the smoker. For example, 1 IQOS session lasts about 14 sessions. Do the same thing when smoking a cigarette. In terms of taste, IQOS cartridges are significantly better than cigarettes. When there is no burning, you can enjoy the pure tobacco taste without burning.

This is the explanation on the IQOS official website. Smokers who want to improve should not miss it. Choosing it means choosing health!

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