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Can IQOS 3.0 really help quit smoking? Tell you from personal experience

By September 24, 2021IQOS Updates

After the release of IQOS 3.0, it became popular all over the world, and it was very popular in all countries. Moreover, the face value is also high, and the matte feel is very comfortable, which has attracted a large number of fans to snap up. IQOS electronic cigarettes focus on “no ash, small hazards” and are used by many smokers to quit cigarettes. The editor of Youwu UWOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette is also a smoker. I have been smoking for almost eleven years and I have always wanted to quit, so I started with this effect. After using this time, I think it’s pretty good. Everyone is a reference.

IQOS 3.0 can really help quit smoking? Personal experience tells you

IQOS 3.0 has a lot of remarkable points in appearance, especially the use of materials. Their cigarette rods and heaters are made of frosted materials. They usually use electronic devices that are used to cold and hard materials. This feel is very fresh. , It matches the skin texture very well in the hand. In addition, the shape of the heater is also more distinctive-there is a protruding part on the side, which is the opening of the heater. This design is convenient for charging and heating.

Can IQOS 3.0 really help quit smoking? My experience tells you
I smoked for a long time, and I was addicted to cigarettes, so when I first smoked this IQOS, I was a bit uncomfortable. I always felt that it was not as flavorful as cigarettes. I smoked it lightly in my mouth. After using it for a few days, I slowly got used to it. After getting used to its taste, I gradually discovered that IQOS smoked lightly, as if it was not because of the lack of smoke.

Because I use it interchangeably with cigarettes, there will be a contrast: the taste of cigarettes is getting heavier and heavier, while the taste of IQOS with IQOS cartridges is getting clearer and clearer, a very clean feeling. I checked on the Internet and found that this seems to be caused by tar. The tar content in cigarettes is very large, so the taste that smokers feel when they smoke is not pure tobacco taste, which also contains the taste of tar. The cigarette smell is very heavy. The IQOS 3.0 e-cigarette contains very little tar in the tobacco, and the smoke produced is relatively cleaner. After smoking for a long time, you will naturally feel the difference in taste.

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So apart from the first few days of adaptation, I used this IQOS host as a whole to be relatively smooth. It feels good enough to smoke, and it is enjoyable to smoke, and it can be suppressed. When smoking it, there are about four or five cigarettes a day, which is much less than before. I heard people say that it uses heat-not-burn technology. Tobacco does not reach too high temperature, so the harmful substances produced during the smoking process are much less than cigarettes. This is very rare for smokers. There are also some minor details, such as IQOS does not produce soot and rarely second-hand smoke. It is also very convenient, but compared with its “small hazards”, these are all trivial.

iqos2 750x420-IQOS 3.0 can really help quit smoking? Personal experience tells you

It is comparable to the taste of cigarettes, but less harmful than one-tenth of cigarettes, does not produce second-hand smoke, and is healthy for oneself and others. IQOS 3.0 can completely replace cigarettes, although you may not get used to it at first, you may fall in love with it later.

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