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HEETS New Regular Flavors HEETS Pure Teak

By March 25, 2022IQOS Updates

Marlboro heatstick Rich Regular is a landmark product that achieves deep taste while suppressing chemical taste. HEETS Pure Teak comes with the trend, which makes people full of expectations.

HEETS Pure Teak is especially plain and delicious among HEETS.

HEETS Pure Teak that appeared with the catchphrase “Exquisite harmony of gentle taste and aroma”. It is said that it was developed from the user’s voice that “it is mellow, has no habit, and has a good medium taste.”
8 regular flavours of IQOS HEETS
8 regular flavours of IQOS HEETS (as of January 2021)

When I opened the box, I could smell the gentle scent of tobacco leaves. Its profile does not change when heated. When you inhale the steam, the scent of the soft and mild tobacco leaves themselves spreads. This natural and peculiar taste is rare in heat-not-burn tobacco. Is it a purer natural tobacco taste that you can’t even find in a cigarette with plenty of tar?
Speaking of coffee, it is close to the moment when high-quality mocha matari, moderate acidity neutralizes bitterness and feels like delicious water. The taste is not strong, but this straightforward, plain and gentle sucking response is hard to get tired of because it is not decorated. This is delicious.

IQOS HEETS Pure Teak smoking image
IQOS HEETS Pure Teak smoking image


You can enjoy a mellow regular that is not too tight with one coin!
I felt that HEETS Pure Teak, which realized the least peculiar taste among the regular HEETS, was the most suitable for the switch set from light cigarettes. HEETS itself is characterized by a mild taste with no habit, but this is by far the plain.
For those who feel that HEETS Deep Bronze is too roasted, HEETS Balanced Yellow is too tasty, and HEETS Clear Silver is too light, HEETS Pure Teak Is the correct answer.

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