HEETS Teak selection with a nutty aroma, is it worth trying?

By March 3, 2022IQOS Updates

HEETS Teak selection is made with a classic tobacco aroma with delicate creamy nutty notes, very special in HEETS, some people fall in love with this special flavor after taking a few puffs.

Official introduction

According to the introduction of IQOS official website, HEETS Teak is a tobacco heatstick with nutty aroma note.

Aroma: 4/5

Body: 3/5


My Review

In my opinion, Teak selection is very special, it is neither mint nor fruit flavor, it is closer to Deep Bronze, which is the original flavor, compared to Deep Bronze, which has a stronger smoke flavor. The Creamy nutty notes are not very strong, I personally wish the scent could be a bit stronger, but maybe that’s a lot like coffee. If you don’t hate creamy scents, HEETS Teak is definitely worth a try!

Compared with HEETS Pure Teak

HEETS pure teak released in Japan in January 2021, although both have the word “teak”, but their flavour is not small, Pure Teak has no creamy fragrance, and it feels more dry to me, it tastes more like real smoke.

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