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How much is a set of iqos in Japan? Is iqos easy to use?

By December 14, 2020January 11th, 2021IQOS Updates

IQOS e-cigarettes can be said to be very popular these years. They are popular in Japan and Europe. I have always wanted to buy one. I have been struggling with what color to buy. When I decided to buy it, he cut the price again. I am happy. It’s a lot cheaper when it comes to iqos, and it’s enough to have a reason for you to buy. Moreover, iqos is much less harmful to the body than smoking cigarettes. Health is priceless. So how much does iqos sell in Japan?

How much does iqos sell in Japan for a set? What are the addresses of Japanese iqos specialty stores and the price of duty-free shops?

1. Where to buy:
Lawson & FamilyMart/Mevius and other tobacco specialty stores.
There are usually no drugstores or electrical appliances stores.
2. Japanese price:
IQOS machines are unified at 10,980 yen, which is about $106 USD, not tax-free.
However, if Japanese people sign up for membership or something like that, you can get 3000 off for as long as 7,980 yen~ there is no way.
3. Types of cartridges:
There are a total of six flavors, one box is 460 yen, one is 4600 yen (about $44 USD)
The middle-aged uncle who often smokes outside recommends light or strong original flavor. Nuts should be between the two. Young people prefer thick and light mint. Girls or early adopters can choose blueberries. These three are relatively cool.
4. Body color:
The regular version is divided into black and white (actually navy blue and white), and the outer packaging of the box is white.
But Lawson also sells color casings and cigarette holders! It seems to be more than 1,000 yen, which is quite personalized, it depends on whether the stores have goods.

It should be noted that the iqos body may be similar to the structure of a power bank. Some airlines may require that they cannot be checked and need to be carried with them. Please pay attention to babies who purchase in large quantities.
There is also this e-cigarette that will not be sold after the security check at the airport, which means that it cannot be bought at the airport duty-free shop. I also wanted to go through the security check at the airport and then buy it, but I met a Chinese who said that it is only available in a convenience store. Fortunately, there is a convenience store on the second floor of the airport.

In addition, the price of an iqos cartridge is 3,900 yen in the duty-free shop at the airport, and the taste is full. At street convenience stores, the price is 4,200 yen, which is more expensive and inappropriate. The airport rule is that one person can only buy 2 of them. In fact, no one will check. The two of us brought 6 of them and nobody cares. You can buy more.
Tell me about my experience

1. There is no smell of smoke, soot or something. The smoke that comes out is mainly water vapor. After I smoke in a sealed space, there is no smell of smoke. This is really good. It is very suitable for families with pregnant women and children. Will bring harm to people around, and it can be smoked in many public places
2. It also tastes like real smoke, and there is no smoke tar, which can reduce a lot of harm to your body. Quitting smoking is also a good choice. I think this product is the most like real smoke on the market. E-cigarette
3. Now that the new technology does not require an open flame, there is no need to find a lighter frequently, it is really convenient.

Compared with traditional cigarettes, the advantages are much better. I think e-cigarettes will be a trend in the future. Apart from being a bit expensive, there are really no disadvantages. Some iqos users say that cigarette cartridges are more difficult to buy. Maybe because I am often in Japan, I think that cartridges are not particularly difficult to buy. It is recommended that people who smoke often also buy one. I saw the price drop when I bought it that day. I also bought one for my dad right away, which is really a bargain hahaha.

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