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IQOS ILUMA big discount, 20% off

By April 27, 2022IQOS Updates

Philip Morris Japan announced on April 14 that it will reduce the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for two products in the heat-not-burn tobacco “IQOS ILUMA ” series and “Lil Hybrid”. By making the price easy to pick up, we will encourage the transition from paper rolls.

“IQOS ILUMA PRIME” will be reduced from the current 12,980 yen to 9980 yen, and “IQOS ILUMA” will be reduced from 8980 yen to 6980 yen. The “Lil Hybrid” will also be priced from 6980 yen to 3980 yen. Both will be changed from April 18th. The company launched Irma as a new series of IQOS in August 2021. So far, more than 20% of domestic IQOS users have used the Irma series, and more than 20% of them are new users. On the other hand, the user said, “If the price is a little cheaper,” he said, and recently decided to reduce the price. In March of this year, the new device ” IQOS ILUMA ONE ” was released at a suggested retail price of 3980 yen, and 6 brands of “SENTIA ” (all 530 yen) , which are less expensive than the conventional dedicated sticks. ) Is being launched in some regions, and we are promoting the development of products in a wide range of prices. In particular, Sentia is the conventional IQOS stick “HEETS” .) ”It is said that it will appeal to those who were hesitant to switch to the heating type because of users and prices. Akihiro Murakami, the company’s portfolio manager, commented, “Product development in a variety of price ranges and this price revision will help encourage the switch to” smoke-free products. ” Regarding heat-not-burn tobacco, British American Tobacco Japan (BATJ), which develops ” glo “, has also launched “easy-to-use pricing” as a strategy to promote the transition from cigarettes. , JT is also developing a “Camel” brand exclusively for heating type for 500 yen per box.

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