IQOS ILUMA series equipments comparison and the taste of TEREA cartridges review

By August 23, 2021September 8th, 2021IQOS Updates

Philip Morris International revolutionizes again, IQOS moves towards a new dimension, unique heating technology makes the product look new, bring the joy of simplicity.

19th, August, PMJ took the lead in selling new device IQOS ILUMA at 9 IQOS stores in Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka, welcoming many heat-not-burn users to the store experience. In order to cope with this sale, the IQOS store has also undergone a substantial renewal of the store, which will provide a richer product lineup and high-quality user services.

IQOS ILUMA series equipments comparison and the taste of TEREA cartridges review

PMJ Investment Group Manager said: “The IQOS ILUMA series is more convenient to use, and the cartridges can also meet the diverse needs of users. I will recommend this product to IOQS users and traditional smokers.”

The biggest feature of “IQOS ILUMA” is that the “heating blade”, which was the identity of “Aikos”, was abolished. By putting a piece of metal in the special tobacco stick “TEREA Stick”, the tobacco leaves are sealed while maintaining the central heating type, which realizes maintenance-free and odor reduction.

Below, we will deliver the actual report of the new iqos that has evolved in all directions, abandoning compatibility with the conventional dedicated tobacco stick “Marlboro Heat Stick”.

Flagship model IQOS ILUMA PRIME: A shell designed with an aluminum body and a combination of different materials. There are 4 colors of Jed Green, Gold Khaki, Osidiya Black, and Bronze; the shell accessories and the metal ring of the cigarette rod can be based on Customize for individual needs.

Standard model IQOS ILUMA: Following the design of the previous IQOS, the fuselage is available in five colors: brown-green, pebble beige, pebble gray, sky blue, and sunset red; the side panels, shell accessories and metal ring of the cigarette rod can be customized according to personal needs Make customization.

The following is a comparison of the parameters of the two devices

After reading the comparison of the parameters of the above two devices, you should also find that the two devices are basically the same in configuration, the cigarette rod is also the same, but the shape of the charging box is different from the opening method, and the size and weight of the product are slightly different.



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