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IQOS is banned from sales in China, but it has caused many problems

By November 24, 2021November 26th, 2021IQOS Updates

At present, IQOS-based baking and heating electronic cigarettes are gradually becoming popular in China, but this product is only sold in some overseas markets and is not within the scope of China Tobacco Monopoly, so it is explicitly prohibited from selling. However, as a new thing, the definition of e-cigarettes in China is relatively vague, and there are many misunderstandings and blind spots in the process of sales, purchase, and use. Relevant legal experts believe that the General Administration of Customs and the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of China are currently stepping up efforts to strictly inspect the import and sales of electronic cigarettes, but it is still necessary to introduce specific laws and regulations to clearly classify electronic cigarettes. The following is what UWOO brings to everyone.

The 2021 new IQOS Flagship model IQOS ILUMA PRIME

The 2021 new IQOS Flagship model IQOS ILUMA PRIME

1. IQOS does not need to be ignited by an open flame

The appearance of IQOS is similar to the power bank. It is a new type of e-cigarette launched by Philip Morris International. After landing in Japan in 2014, it has attracted wide attention from consumers. Since then, IQOS has gradually entered the Chinese market by means of purchasing agents, and has been sought after by many consumers. Compared with traditional cigarettes, in appearance, IQOS is only palm-sized and has a variety of colors. There are also limited editions such as Iron Man and Ferrari. Open IQOS, there is a heating rod like a fountain pen inside. Insert a cartridge that is only 1/3 of the size of a traditional cigarette into the heating rod for heating. No lighters, matches and other open flames are needed to support combustion. The difference between IQOS and ordinary e-cigarettes is that IQOS generates steam by heating tobacco.

2,The airport and subway did not make clear regulations on the absorption of IQOS

In fact, there are currently all parts of the country promulgated regulations on smoking bans in public places, and airports and airlines have also banned the carrying of fire on board, but because IQOS does not use open flames, the heatsticks will not be actually lit, and it is not included in the regulations on smoking bans in public places. It can also pass on the plane smoothly at the airport security check. E-cigarettes such as IQOS are new types of tobacco. Therefore, only check whether the battery capacity of the IQOS host is within the standard range after the inspection. If it meets the standard, it can be carried.

Except for the absence of clear regulations on airport security, there are no clear regulations on e-cigarettes in the “Beijing Tobacco Control Regulations” and the “Beijing Rail Transit Operation Safety Regulations”.

UWOO yp Champagne gold

UWOO Yp Champagne gold


3. The gray industrial chain spawned by IQOS

While IQOS is constantly touching the boundaries of regulations, since the product is currently not sold in formal channels in China, a gray industrial chain has also been born. Currently, IQOS mainframes and cartridges are sold in China by purchasing agents and “underground” sales. In the IQOS gray industrial chain, in addition to the sales of IQOS machines and cartridges, the maintenance of the mainframe has also become a new link in the chain. The most common appeal is to replace the heating element and solve the problem of inability to charge. At the same time, IQOS often has charging and The bayonet is broken, the heating rod enters water and other problems.

4. IQOS continues to flow into China

As China bans the sale of IQOS, many consumers have begun to seek overseas agents. The relevant staff of the General Administration of Customs stated that e-cigarettes can be purchased from overseas and brought into China, but there are restrictions on the quantity, and taxes and fees should be paid for the excess. Even so, the quantity cannot exceed a reasonable range, otherwise it is smuggling.

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