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IQOS Marlboro heatsticks flavours review 1 Marlboro heatstick Regular

By January 25, 2021August 24th, 2021IQOS Updates

Marlboro is a cigarette brand manufactured by Philip Morris, the world’s largest tobacco company.His product IQOS heatsticks also have different flavors.

Recently, many IQOS fans have asked “Which flavor is better?”. After a long discussion, we found that everyone still has a vague concept about the flavor of heatsticks. The taste of the heatsticks will be evaluated and shared with you.

There are Regular ,Balanced Regular,Menthol,Mint,Smooth Regular and Purple Mint, these are 6 mostly likely you can buy from market.
Marlboro heatstick Regular

1. Marlboro heatstick Regular

There is no light scent, it is a little stronger than the original taste, but it is just a little bit. It is very close to the smell and feel of real smoke. If you breathe it into your throat, you will feel a slight impact. That is the feeling of real tobacco. If you want to quit smoking, this flavor is not recommended, because it may make you forget to smoke e-cigarettes and continue smoking.

Likely normal tobacco.But less-smell after smoke.

Cigarette    ★★★
Sharpness    ★☆☆
Menthol        ☆☆☆

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