iQOS Marlboro heatsticks flavours review 3 Marlboro heatstick Menthol

By January 28, 2021February 22nd, 2021IQOS Updates

Marlboro is a cigarette brand manufactured by Philip Morris, the world’s largest tobacco company.His product IQOS heatsticks also have different flavors.

Recently, many IQOS fans have asked “Which flavor is better?”. After a long discussion, we found that everyone still has a vague concept about the flavor of heatsticks. The taste of the heatsticks will be evaluated and shared with you.

There are Regular ,Balanced Regular,Menthol,Mint,Smooth Regular and Purple Mint, these are 6 mostly likely you can buy from market.

Well, Marlboro  Mentholi is really strong, with a strong mint flavor, and very cold. It’s a bit cooler than the “popping pearl” after pinching, and slightly cooler than before pinching. If you take a hard breath, your tongue will have a slight irritation, and then your lips and teeth will stay cold, which will not dissipate for a long time, but it will not leave a bitter taste.

Very popular taste in Japan.
Feeling Strong menthol than tobacco.

Cigarette    ★☆☆
Sharpness    ☆☆☆
Menthol        ★★☆


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