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PMI Launches IQOS ILUMA on Spanish Market

By March 22, 2022IQOS Updates

Following the launch in Japan and Switzerland, Spanish users became the first in the world to discover the benefits of this new series in three different editions.

iqos iluma nice picture

Last Tuesday, the IQOS brand launched a new model, the IQOS ILUMA, a key step forward in its promise to provide adult smokers with a better smoke-free alternative.

The new generation of IQOS ILUMA series uses the advanced “SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM” technology to heat the tobacco through an induction system. This one requires no heating plates or cleaning, and is the biggest technological leap for IQOS since its launch in 2014.

As a result, this new technological advancement offers users a cleaner way to heat tobacco with less odor, a more consistent experience, no tobacco residue and no need to clean the device. In addition, the new IQOS ILUMA series adapts to the user’s needs in a more intuitive format, with new smart features such as auto-start. In addition, it detects when you insert the tobacco device or indicates the remaining usage time. Thanks to its range of accessories, covers, interchangeable covers and colors, it offers a wide range of customization possibilities.

Launch event image

iqos iluma Launch event image

In response to the event’s slogan “Another Level”, a live art exhibition began with urban artist Sfihr, who uses avant-garde techniques such as “light painting” to present photoluminescent works in real time in life. Lights surrounded by text in 3D format designed by artist Rebeca Khamlichi are also very present.

Erik Larsson, Marketing Director of IQOS, emphasized that through these demonstrations, “we wanted to gain insight into what real identity markers set the new generation of IQOS ILUMA apart to create a unique space that elevates innovation and higher into the experience”.

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