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SENTIA for IQOS ILUMA full comparison and buy

By April 10, 2022IQOS Updates

The heatstick SENTIA exclusively for IQOS ILUMA was released on April 4, 2022.

There are 11 flavors in the lineup, but 6 of them were released in advance. In addition, the sales area is limited to 29 prefectures (described later), and it is expected that it will be gradually expanded.

The lower part of the package is unified in white, and the design of "Sentia" is similar to "HEETS". Compare the 6 flavors released in advance

“Sentia” is a new option for “IQOS ILUMA” sticks, which was previously only available in the “TEREA” series. The biggest attraction is that one box of “TEREA” (20 pieces) is 580 yen including tax, while “Sentia” is 530 yen including tax, which is 50 yen cheaper.

In other words, “Sentia” is a position like the low-priced version “HEETS” (530 yen including tax) of the “Marlboro Heat Stick” (580 yen including tax) dedicated to “old model IQOS” such as “IQOS 3 Duo”. It can be said that it is a long-awaited brand for “IQOS ILUMA” users who used “HEETS” in “Old IQOS”.

As with the “TEREA”, the “Sentia” cannot be smoked on older models with heating blades such as the “IQOS 3 Duo” and “IQOS 3 Multi”.

Compare the 6 flavors of “Sentia”!

It’s nice that the price is low, but what is worrisome is the taste of “Sentia”. The lineup of the preceding 6 flavors will be developed with 2 types of “regular”, 3 types of “menthol”, and 1 type of “flavor type menthol”.

We will carefully suck and compare the 6 flavors of "Sentia" with "IQOS ILUMA Prime".

We will carefully smoke and compare the 6 flavors of “Sentia” with “IQOS ILUMA Prime”.

I mentioned earlier that the package design of “Sentia” is similar to “HEETS”, but each flavor name also has an impression. For example, the regular type “Sentia Deep Bronze” has the same flavor name as “HEETS Deep Bronze” and the package color is also dark brown. This point is also interesting.

So, we will compare each one and report on the characteristics of the taste and the transfer information from each brand.

Regular type

The royal road tobacco taste! “Sentia Deep Bronze”

"Sentia Deep Bronze" <br> [Taste DATA] Aroma: ●●●● ○ Rich: ●●● ○○ Strength: ●●●● ○

“Sentia Deep Bronze”
[Taste DATA] Fragrance: ●●●● ○ Rich: ●●● ○○ Strength: ●●●● ○

The impressive taste of “Sentia Deep Bronze” is the solid body feeling. The slightly dark brown color package is also convincing, and it has a wild and woody taste. Still, you can feel the lack of miscellaneous taste that is typical of “IQOS ILUMA”.

Although it has a tough and straight taste, it is clear and has no negative thorns. The aftertaste that remains in the throat after smoking is mild but plump, and makes you feel the volume comparable to that of a cigarette. It’s the most recommended flavor for anyone looking for a royal tobacco taste.

[Transfer information] Recommended for those who smoke
“TEREA Rich Regular”
, “Marlboro Heat Stick Rich Regular” , and
“HEETS Deep Bronze” !

A light taste with a slight acidity! “Sentia Clear Silver”

"Sentia Clear Silver" <br> [Taste DATA] Fragrance: ●●●● ○ Rich: ●●● ○○ Strength: ●●●● ○

“Sentia Clear Silver”
[Taste DATA] Fragrance: ●●●● ○ Rich: ●●● ○○ Strength: ●●●● ○

“Sentia Clear Silver” has a pleasant roasted scent peculiar to the regular type, but has a slight acidity and a light and clear impression. While suppressing the overall taste tone, you can fully feel the taste of royal tobacco from the top to the finish.

For those who like mild to light cigarettes, which are gentle and refreshing to smoke. Speaking of the “TEREA” series, I think it has a taste that corresponds to “Smooth Regular”.

[Transfer information] Recommended for those who smoke
“TEREA Smooth Regular”
, “Marlboro Heat Stick Smooth Regular” , and
“HEETS Clear Silver” !

● Menthol type

Sufficient taste and vivid cool mint! “Sentia Icy Black”

"Sentia Icy Black" <br> [Taste DATA] Fragrance: ●● ○○○ Rich: ●●●● ○ Menthol strength: ●●●●●

“Sentia Icy Black”
[Taste DATA] Fragrance: ●● ○○○ Rich: ●●●● ○ Menthol strength: ●●●●●

“Sentia Icy Black” is a menthol type with a vivid menthol that follows the woody cigarette feeling that spreads at the top. Befitting the name “Icy”, it has a tremendous sense of humor. After smoking, it feels as refreshing as eating a mint-based tablet candy.

Although it has a cool stimulus, it is not spicy, yet it is comfortable to smoke. Anyway, it is the most recommended one for those who want to simply enjoy the rich taste and the cool feeling of menthol.

[Transfer Information] Recommended for those who smoke
“TEREA Black Menthol”
, “Marlboro Heat Stick Black Menthol” , and
“HEETS Icy Black” !

Thick taste and fresh exhilaration! “Sentia Frost Green”

"Sentia Frost Green" <br> [Taste DATA] Aroma: ●● ○○○ Rich: ●●●● ○ Menthol strength: ●●●● ○

“Sentia Frost Green”
[Taste DATA] Fragrance: ●● ○○○ Rich: ●●●● ○ Menthol strength: ●●●● ○

“Sentia Frost Green” is a menthol type that has both a strong menthol flavor and a mild tobacco feel. The refreshing feeling that comes out after inhaling is comfortable, and it is characterized by a fresh taste reminiscent of peppermint.

There is no menthol feeling like the above-mentioned “Sentia Icy Black”, and the taste is firm. However, the coolness is brilliant, so it is recommended for those who want a thick body and a solid menthol.

[Transfer information] Recommended for those who smoke
“TEREA Menthol”
, “Marlboro Heat Stick Menthol”
, “HEETS Frost Green” , and
“HEETS Cool Jade” !

Comfortable with mellow menthol! “Sentia Fresh Emerald”

"Sentia Fresh Emerald" <br> [Taste DATA] Fragrance: ● ○○○○ Rich: ●● ○○○ Menthol strength: ● ○○○○

“Sentia Fresh Emerald”
[Taste DATA] Fragrance: ● ○○○○ Rich: ●● ○○○ Menthol strength: ● ○○○○

“Sentia Fresh Emerald” is a menthol type that combines a comfortable herbal menthol with a mild tobacco feel. The flavor is gentle on the whole, but the taste and mint are well-balanced.

While the popularity of the vivid menthol type is increasing these days, there are many people who are not good at its power. In that respect, this flavor with suppressed exhilaration is just the right volume for light-type smokers. Recommended for those looking for a mellow menthol cigarette.

[Transfer information] Recommended for those who smoke
“TEREA Mint”
, “Marlboro Heat Stick
Mintha”, and “HEETS Fresh Emerald” !

● Flavor menthol type

Berry fruit and rich mint! “Sentia Fresh Purple”

"Sentia Fresh Purple" <br> [Taste DATA] Fragrance: ● ○○○○ Rich: ●● ○○○ Menthol strength: ● ○○○○

“Sentia Fresh Purple”
[Taste DATA] Fragrance: ● ○○○○ Richness: ●● ○○○ Menthol strength: ● ○○○○

This “Sentia Fresh Purple” is the only flavored menthol type released as of April 4, 2022. Flavored menthol type is popular in “TEREA” and “Marlboro Heat Stick”, so it was surprising that there was only one type. On the palate, it has a berry-type flavor with grape-based fruit and rich mint nuances.

The impression is that the refreshing menthol is accompanied by the sweet aroma of berries, giving a pleasant sucking response. I think it is a simple combination of the relaxing element of berry and the refreshing element of mint. I can’t wait for other flavored menthol types to join the ranks, but if you like flavored menthol, please try this first.

[Transfer information] Recommended for those who smoke
“TEREA Purple Menthol”
, “Marlboro Heat Stick Purple Menthol” , and
“HEETS Fresh Purple” !

In conclude, Sentia has a lighter impression than TEREA, but it is not cheap!

With the addition of "Sentia" for 530 yen per box, "IQOS ILUMA" should become even more popular!

With the addition of “Sentia” for 530 yen per pack, “IQOS ILUMA” should become even more popular!

This time, I compared the high-end brand “TEREA” with the low-priced brand “Sentia”. What I felt most about it was that “Sentia” was a little lighter on the whole. Nonetheless, the reduction of the “uncomfortable odor (so-called popcorn odor)” that is the appeal of “IQOS ILUMA” is as healthy as “TEREA”, and the clear taste unique to “IQOS ILUMA” was also felt.

How you feel the difference of 50 yen depends on the individual, but there is no cheapness in “Sentia”. The author thought that “Sentia” was a sufficient option to switch from “TEREA” in order to reduce running costs.




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