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Why is IQOS banned in China?

By November 24, 2021November 26th, 2021IQOS Updates

Approved by the National Tobacco Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of China, iqos electronic cigarettes (heat-not-burn tobacco) contain characteristic components of tobacco and belong to tobacco monopoly products. According to Article 23 of the “Regulations for the Implementation of the Tobacco Monopoly Law,” enterprises or individuals that have obtained a tobacco monopoly retail license shall purchase goods at the local tobacco monopoly wholesale enterprise and accept the supervision and management of the tobacco monopoly license issuing authority. New tobacco products that enter the Chinese market through smuggling channels will not only disrupt the order of the Chinese cigarette market and affect the development of domestic new tobacco products, but also have a serious impact on domestic tobacco taxation.

In the past two years, IQOS electronic cigarettes have set off a wave of cigarette replacement and smoking cessation in many countries and regions. The product design and purchase points are heat-not-burn, low nicotine, and low tar, and the taste is closer to real smoke. Coupled with the blessing and hype of a group of celebrities and celebrities, it also adds a lot of color to the product.

Therefore, IQOS will become popular and repeated bans are not unrelated to the blind praise of consumers. Relying on strong interpersonal communication, many people have come to know this product.

UWOO heat not burn device

UWOO heat not burn device

But in fact, IQOS cannot be called an electronic cigarette in the strict sense, because it heats the tobacco by baking, and the medium is still tobacco, but the combustion here is replaced by heating. Even the finely processed shredded tobacco still contains a certain amount of nicotine, tar and other harmful substances. Researchers from the United Kingdom stated that the levels of volatile organic compounds and nicotine contained in iQOS smoke are similar to those in traditional cigarettes. In addition, the smoke produced by heating not burning will release higher polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (a carcinogen) than traditional cigarettes.

IQOS does not have an official price in China, so basically what you can buy is purchased by others. Because the cartridges of iqos contain tobacco ingredients, and China is a country with very strict tobacco control, the sale of tobacco is prohibited on the Internet, so it is not available on various e-commerce platforms in China. Most of the methods obtained are purchased through WeChat, Moments, etc. It is inevitable that we often encounter food shortages, and we often encounter fake products.

Nowadays, some merchants use the name of “maintenance” to peddle IQOS. It seems to be a battle of wits and courage with relevant national laws and e-commerce platforms, but in fact it is an act of risk and fluke that outweighs the gains. The case of the police in Yinzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang, cracked last year to use the Internet to sell new heat-not-burn tobacco products, which has shown the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration’s determination to crack down on privately operating tobacco products.

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