TEREA black purple menthol review and price

By February 18, 2022March 23rd, 2022IQOS

The newest 13th TEREA flavor black purple menthol is finally released and it’s exciting. This stick is a completely new work, so to speak, of a kind not found in conventional IQOS such as “IQOS 3 DUO”. That’s why the tension goes up! I will smoke it, review it, compare it with other TEREA menthols and talk about the price. Read more: Original 12 TEREA flavors.

TEREA black purple menthol

TEREA black purple menthol flavor review

When I opened it, the sweet scent spread, but in reality it wasn’t just sweetness, the feeling of exhilaration is stronger than that. When I smoked it, I instantly thought to myself, “It’s delicious!” from the first puff. I thought that only the sweetness was strong, but it was a flavor that I could feel the satisfaction that the strong menthol spreads in my mouth at once. The scent and the strength of menthol are MAX, and it can be said that it is a flavor that has never been seen in TEREA.

TEREA black purple menthol smoking

However, the very strong scent and exhilaration make people choose. If you have a need to feel the taste of tobacco leaves more thoroughly, or if you want to enjoy the aroma flavor , other sticks will give you a boost.

Fragrance: ●●●●○, richness: ●●●●○, menthol strength: ●●●●●

Comparison with other Menthols flavors

Compare with purple menthol

TEREA Black Purple Menthol and TEREA Purple Menthol

First, let’s compare it with “TEREA Purple Menthol”.

As you can see, Black Purple Menthol is overwhelmingly exhilarating. Purple menthol is more purely sweet or aroma. On the other hand, black purple menthol has a stronger feeling of exhilaration than aroma, so I feel that I can enjoy the feeling of smoking it.

Compare with black menthol

TEREA Black Purple Menthol and TEREA Black Menthol

Next, let’s compare it with “TEREA Black Menthol”.

The difference is obvious, black purple menthol has a sweet taste. Black menthol is more pure menthol, it has only the refreshing feeling of mint, but black purple menthol has sweetness added to it.

However, it is still difficult to get the same exhilaration as black menthol from black purple menthol. Black menthol is better when it comes to exhilaration.

With that in mind, Black Purple Menthol is a flavor that takes advantage of the good points of “Purple Menthol” and “Black Menthol”.

Compare with fusion menthol

TEREA Black Purple Menthol and TEREA Fusion Menthol

Finally, let’s compare it with TEREA Fusion Menthol.

Fusion menthol is my favorite terea stick, but it tastes different. Only the color of the package is similar!

The fusion menthol has a more mellow taste . On the other hand, black purple menthol is strong! It’s pretty sharp. I once again felt that the characteristic of black purple menthol is that you can feel the sharp sweetness and exhilaration at once.

In addition, the fusion menthol has a clear taste that is unique to Irma x Terrier, but the black purple menthol has a stronger sweetness and exhilaration than that, and there was a different sense of satisfaction.


The price is 580 yen(tax included) per box, 20 sticks in on box. It is the same as the other 12 TEREA flavors.

Conclusion: Satisfying flavor with a strong scent and exhilaration
strength Four
Richness Four
Menthol strength Five
Comprehensive Four



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