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5 reasons to upgrade to IQOS 3.0 DUO

By November 10, 2021November 12th, 2021IQOS 3 duo

What is special about the new device IQOS 3 DUO?

We reviewed the introduction of IQOS 3.0 DUO. We are inspired, and now we tell smokers why they should consider switching to iqos hosting. Of course, it is better to quit smoking. But we have to look at things realistically. Almost a third of adults smoke and are determined to continue smoking, even understanding the risks and consequences. Work is gradually being carried out to popularize healthy lifestyles. However, you should not expect everyone to refuse cigarettes, alcohol, and air pollution in big cities overnight. Therefore, we are talking about solutions that are less harmful to people who still smoke. Please watch the following knowledge about IQOS smokers and their friends and relatives.

Greatly reduce the damage to health

IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning like cigarettes. When there is no burning, there will be no harmful combustion products (carbon monoxide, carcinogenic resins, flame retardants, ammonia, etc.), smoke and ashes. According to research, when using IQOS, compared with smoking, it reduces 95% of harmful substances.

Cleaner air

With IQOS, you will not get ashes on your white shirt, nor will you damage the hem of your clothes. The aerosol of the IQOS cartridge has a faint odor and dissipates quickly. It is particularly valuable-this smell will not be absorbed into clothing, fabric decorations, hands and hair panels. Scientists believe that the composition of aerosols will not affect air quality, nor will it cause passive smoking. Therefore, IQOS can be used indoors-in homes, offices, cars, and most institutions. Do old equipment need to be upgraded to IQOS 3.0 DUO? 5 reasons to upgrade to a new device.

Panel and teeth are not affected

Dentists, panelists, and beauticians always distinguish smokers from non-smokers due to the condition of their teeth and panels. The resin in cigarette smoke deposits on the teeth. It becomes an unsightly yellow patch. The tooth enamel gradually darkens, forms tartar, and the bleeding of the gums increases. The same problem applies to the panel. Resin and cinder block the pores. Excessive carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke destroys blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues. The panel becomes dark, gray, and old.

Switching to IQOS solved most of these problems. Because there is no resin in its aerosol, the teeth will not turn black and the enamel will not deteriorate. In addition, the temperature of the aerosol is much lower than the temperature of cigarette smoke. The hot smoke will not damage the oral mucosa epithelium. Healthy mucus and normal functioning of the salivary glands are the key to no bad breath.

In the spirit of the times

If you think about it, cigarettes are one of the few products that have not changed much in the past century. Disk phones have become smart phones. The washbasin and washboard have become a silent washing machine with more than a dozen washing modes. And only cigarettes look like the Gatsby era. IQOS has become a tool to permanently change tobacco consumption. Just as the iPhone has set a new direction for mobile phones. Therefore, IQOS has set a new standard for the tobacco industry. Not without reason, all manufacturers are vying to launch technical products for smokers-glo, Jouz, Juul, LogicCompact and Pro, Joint.

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