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IQOS 3 duo use and maintenance details Q&A, new and veteran must see

By November 23, 2021IQOS 3 duo

As everyone pays more attention to health, more and more people want to quit smoking, but it is not easy to quit smoking. Healthy smoking cessation should find effective smoking substitute products to achieve the effect of assisting smoking cessation. The IQOS 3 Duo e-cigarette is such a product with a realistic taste, but it is not easy to get an IQOS e-cigarette. You must pay attention to the following details.

IQOS 3 duo silver

IQOS 3 duo silver

Here are some tips for IQOS 3 duo use and maintenance details, I hope it will help you in your daily use of IQOS.

1. Do I need to recharge the IQOS e-cigarette? How long will it take to charge?

Just get the IQOS e-cigarette and charge it for about an hour. The charging process is that the power bank indicator goes up first, then all the indicators flash, and finally all the indicators are off, which means it is fully charged.

2. Do I have to use the original IQOS charger for charging?

The answer is yes. You must use the original charger in the box to charge. If you use other chargers, the consequences can be large or small. The light will turn on red, and the heavy will not be charged. An IQOS charger No electricity is equivalent to waste.

3. What should I do if the power bank or rod turns on red?

At this time, you need to put the cigarette stick in the power bank and close the power bank cover. At the same time, you must press and hold the power button and reset button on the power bank for 10 seconds. After that, let go and the machine will restart. The red light will disappear at this time. If this method does not work, it may be completely broken or you need to go to a special repair shop for repairs.

4. Is it possible to malfunction if the weather is too cold?

If the weather is too cold, the smoke machine will malfunction. In fact, IQOS is quite squeamish. If the weather is too cold, the power bank will turn on a red light. At this time, it can no longer be used. Instead, the entire IQOS smoke machine should be placed at room temperature. Under the environment, then follow the method of the previous question to solve the red light problem.

5. What should be paid attention to when inserting the heastick/cartridge?

When inserting the IQOS cartridge, it must be inserted straight in. Do not turn the cartridge inside, because this will easily cause the heating element to fall off, and the hood will be scrapped.

6. Why did the tobacco remain in the heating chamber when I pulled out the heatstick/cartridge?

This is because the way you pull out the cartridge is wrong. After the cartridge is heated, you cannot pull it out directly. Use your thumb to hold down the groove on the button of the cartridge, and then slowly push it up to make the cartridge pop. It is separated from the rod by about 1.5 cm, so that the heated cartridge and the heating piece can be separated first, and then the tobacco will not be scattered in the heating chamber when the cartridge is pulled out.

7. Do you want to clean the rod? How often do I cleaned it up?

Cigarette rods must of course be cleaned, and the specific frequency depends on individual circumstances. Some people have to clean up one cigarette, but this is actually unnecessary. The official recommendation is to clean up every 20 cartridges heated.

8. I have used up the cleaned alcohol stick, do I still need to buy it?

The principle of this alcohol stick is very simple, just dip a thin cotton stick with low alcohol. Therefore, you can also buy a thin cotton swab yourself, and then dip it in a little alcohol and scrub it slowly. However, the general alcohol cannot be completely cleaned up. It is better to clean the official cotton swab. It is recommended that you buy the original one.

9. Can I clean the IQOS device with water?

This must not work, the IQOS host is not waterproof, and the heating rod will break when it gets wet, so it must not work.

10. White ones are not stained, and black ones are stain resistant?

In fact, this is not necessarily true. Some people use it in white and it is not dirty after a period of time. After all, the shell material of this thing is still OK. If you want to be particularly resistant to dirt, then choose black.

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