What should I do if the smoke volume of iqos becomes smaller? How often do I clean my iqos?

By October 11, 2021IQOS

Many users find that after using it for a long time, the smoke volume of IQOS will become smaller. Today, let me tell you how to avoid this problem and about the daily maintenance of IQOS.

First, you must clean the heating element. Use the cleaning ball twice to get rid of the smoke residue on it. If it does not increase the smoke volume, continue to step 2.

Second, change a pack of cartridges to see if the amount of smoke has increased, if not, continue to the third step.

Third, is it difficult to insert the lid into the cartridge? If it is difficult to insert, remove the lid and see if the amount of smoke will increase. If the amount of smoke increases, it means that the lid is broken and you need to buy a new lid. That’s it. How to avoid the deformation of the IQOS lid is actually very simple, just don’t heat it without inserting the cartridge.

If none of the above solves the problem of reduced smoke, it is likely that the heating element has been severely aging. You can consider buying a new IQOS-or buy a better, more functional UWOO, compatible with most of the cartridges such as HEETS, IQOS marlboro; adjustable heating temperature; you can continuously smoke more cartridges, etc.

How often do I clean my iqos

Generally speaking, after smoking a pack of cartridges, you can wipe it once to maintain the taste! Then use the Japanese Acegoal cleanser.

In the first step, take the IQOS cigarette rod out of the charging compartment, and gently pull out the plastic cap on the cigarette rod.

The second step is to put the plastic cap of the IQOS cigarette stick aside, and it will be cleaned later.

The third step is to unscrew the Japanese Acegoal special iqos cleaning solution, and completely immerse the cotton swab head in the cleaning solution.

The fourth step is to carefully use a cotton swab to clean the white ceramic heating element inside the IQOS cigarette rod.

The fifth step, when cleaning, it is recommended to gently rub both sides of the heating element to polish the yellowish brown smoke.

The sixth step, after polishing both sides of the heating plate, you can rub the bottom of the heating plate with a cotton swab.

The seventh step, in order to ensure the effective cleaning of IQOS, if the head of the cotton swab has been wiped black, please replace it with another cotton swab.

The eighth step, the inside of the IQOS upper cover will be dirty because it is in contact with the bottom. It is recommended to clean it.

The ninth step, because the IQOS cover does not have precision originals, you can rub it a little harder to ensure effective cleaning.

The tenth step, the outside of the upper cover (the cigarette holder) is also a place that is easy to get dirty, and it is recommended to clean it. After the cleaning is complete, put the IQOS cover back on the rod and leave it for 1~2 minutes, then you can turn it on.

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